About Us

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Lightning Fast, Tastebud Smashing Burgers

Looking for great food fast? We’ve combined the convenience of a quick service burger joint with the flavor and attention to detail of a 5-star restaurant.
Fast, juicy, delicious.

On a Bun, In a Wrap, or Rad Style

We offer a classic burger for those who are traditional, complete with a potato bun, grilled onions, American cheese and pickles. We also offer sandwiches in a lettuce wrap or “rad style” over hand-cut fries, which also are included with every sandwich. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or a straight-up carnivore — to be able to come in and get that indulgent, greasy experience that you get from a good burger.

Foodies At Heart

We are Paul and Ashley Moody, founders of Moody Foods Incorporated. We believe in making simple food great and bringing elevated meals to the masses. Our brands include SmashCity LLC and Regan’s Lobster Roll Shop.

Paul has a long history in fine dining – from Blackberry Farms to Michelin Star restaurants in New York City. Paul heads up the operations and menu development while Ashley leads the Marketing and Branding teams.